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Golf Course Design Construction

Golf Courses: Design, Construction & Operation

Design a golf course follows certain principals, for instance; the numbers of holes 9, 19 or 27 are common, par value of each course, distance of tee and green and these days front nine hole and back nine hole designed fairways are most adopting concept, it’s consisting a separate loop beginning and complete the game at the club building. Tee to hole distance are typically as follow: par 3 in 250 yard and bellow, par 4 in 450 yard and bellow, par 5, in 690 yard and bellow and par 6, in 691 and more.
How we do?
We start our work with climate region of site, soil & water test report to ensure all optimum fertility in soil with accurate physical and chemical properties; sand :clay :silt (%), percentage of organic matter, optimum water holding capacity, soil bulk density, electrical conductivity, porosity and soil structure, micro-nutrients etc.
Pre – Construction:
Feasibility & Inception, Design analysis as per site soil & water test report and climatic conditions, Preparation of BOQ & Costing, Enlisting agencies & supplier, Tendering & Negotiations, Schedule of Execution.
Supervision of development work by our trained & experienced turf manager / construction engineer / horticulturist / landscape engineer at site. Co-ordination between head office, site and project consultants, Critical path management, Quality control (Lab test and training to site staff)







Grow-in Maintenance:
Turf Management: Calculation of manpower requirement, machine & tools, manure, fertilizer, insecticide, fungicide & micro- nutrients etc. as per project area. Supervision by our trained turf manager / landscape engineer / horticulturist full time as a client agent to fulfill all project responsibilities. Arrange training program time to time for site staff on green waste management, floriculture, care of palm plants, plants pruning & shaping, identify disease & insect and control in landscape plants, turf care techniques. Design & development of a floriculture & ornamental plants nursery to cater flower seedlings, ready potted plants for emergency decoration and re- cycling of potted plants for display. Green waste management: we create a program and training with community & site manpower to make eco-friendly project.
Selection of Turf Grasses for golf course:
Selection of turf grasses is very important for sustainability of any golf course; as per climate zone, soil & water analysis, coastal areas or plains or hills.
• Warm season turf grasses golf courses: Bermuda species (Tifway 419, Tifeagle, Tifdwarf, Evergreen, Sunday ultra dwarf, MiniVerde ultra dwarf etc., Paspalum species: Seashore, Sealsle supreme, Sealsle -1, Seasle -2000 etc.
• Winter season turf grasses for golf courses: Fine fescue, Perennial rye, Kentucky blue, Kikuyu, Fine fescue, creeping bent grass.
Golf Course Construction:
We offer comprehensive Project Management & Construction related expertise for Golf Courses; aim remains to serve excellence respecting the environmental factors and cost barriers. An elite team guided by professionals and visionaries work rigorously to administer and control each project as per approved technical guidance to ensure that the clients receive the services they need and desire. A rational and voguish approach established on grounds of latest research and methods is exercised to make projects sustainable, viable & economical.
1. Site clearance & removal of weeds & unwanted plants.
2. Surveying & stacking of golf course area.
3. Establish a turf grass nursery as per requirement for greens & tees, fairways & rough area.
4. Demarcation of lake area to excavate and fill at landscape mounds (cut & fill) as per plan.
5. Grading & shaping entire area as per grading plan.
6. Construction of lake & cart path as per plan.
7. Installation of irrigation & drainage system.
8. Demarcation of greens, bunkers, tees, fairways.







Bunker construction
1. Excavate as per plan and stack side soil with edging wood or plastic strips.
2. Install drainage system and connect with main line or catch basin.
3. Fill gravels and lay geo-textile with help of pins and fill white marble granular sand.







1. Shaping of fairways & landscape mounds as per grading plan.
2. Rolling & watering till bulk density maintain up to the 1.3 meq.
3. Formation of soil profile with given specification (physical & chemical character of soil) for grassing.
4. Mixing of manure, fertilizers & micro-nutrients as per soil analysis recommendation.
5. Grassing with sods on edges of bunkers, lake, tees, mounds and slopes.
6. Grassing with sprigs of specified turf grass (Evergreen, Seashore paspalum etc)
7. Irrigation till establish the turf grass.







Lake & Cart Path Design & Construction
1. Grading and shaping of edges with stone cladding after excavation of lake area.
2. Ramming & watering with power roller in layers to maintain soil consolidation.
3. Laying geo-textile in the base of lake.
4. Installation of lake liner (HDPE membrane 1000 or 1200 micron)
5. Pebbling and planting on edges of lake.
6. Install a floating aerator to increase oxygen in water

Golf Practice Range (Driving Range)
Design, Construction & Operation

1. We provide services to create a golf driving range design, construction & operation. Concept plan as per land available 2 or 3 options to discuss with client and final the design to prepare working plans.
2. Preparation of bill of quantities & costing
3. Schedule of construction
4. Enlisted of agencies & suppliers
5. Material procurement & record keeping.
6. Cost management & construction at site as per final plan.
7. Play rules & open to play.

Golf Putting Green
Golf Putting and Chipping Green: Design & Construction

Turf Management for Golf Greens:

Grow-in Maintenance of Golf Greens

Mini Golf: Design & Construction
Mini Golf Course : Adventurous & Craziest Concepts
In India have lot of opportunity to spread minigolf as an adventure, sport, entertainment for kids and adults too to get interest to play golf at resorts & hotels, schools, holiday places, malls, tourist point, public parks, community clubs etc.
Mini golf is played on courses consisting of a series of 9 holes similar to its parent, but characterized by their short length (usually within 10 yards from tee to cup), the use of artificial putting surfaces such as carpet, Astroturf and/or concrete, a craziest layout often requiring non-traditional putting lines such as bank shots, and artificial obstacles such as tunnels/tubes, ramps, concrete/metal/fiberglass forms, and moving obstacles such as windmills. Area needs to be developing mini golf would be design as per available land with landscaping.
Adventurous Theme of Mini Golf (Outdoor)
• Development of a beautiful mini golf with aesthetic landscape for use by a significant tourist community.
• Re-creation of bio-diverse habitat for native fauna and flora.
• Providing further stimulus for the community and its growth.
• Opportunity for visitors to the area to experience the highest quality of mini golf & landscaping.

Area required developing a adventurous mini golf:
• 9 Hole par 3 mini golf regular design: 1000 to 2000 sqm.
(9 hole putting green, walkway, aesthetic landscaping, sitting area}
• 9 hole par 4 mini golf crazy concept : 2500 to 4500 sqm
(9 hole full lengthy more craziest greens, wonder structures like lake & water features, animals & birds, wind mill, light house, water rehat, ship in water body, rich landscape features, words wonder structures like pyramids, tajmahal, eiffel tower etc)
• 18 Hole par 5 mini golf adventurous plan : 1.5 to 2 acre
(18 hole more difficult greens, full of adventurous mini golf designs with MiGo cafe, water body & running canal, worlds 7 wonders, animals & birds, wind mill, light house, water rehat, ship in water body, rich landscape features, words wonder structures like pyramids, tajmahal, eiffel tower etc)
Mini Golf & Landscaping
The 9 hole or 18 hole mini golf & landscaping of the project is about creating a beautiful features for tourism community, social walk, shopping crowd & recreation outings to have as their surroundings as well as being a wonder full environment to walk in. The landscape features a dense plants structure that has been designed to present a feature of colors and textures.
Selection of Plants & Turf Grasses
Selection of plants like trees, shrubs, flowering lilies, ground covers plants, specimen, palm, trees and lawn grass is very important for mini golf and adjoining gardening.
Points to be consider: Sallow roots, Low water requirement, Maximum time greenery (not deciduous), Drought tolerable, Flexible to make any shape and design, Easy to maintain and prune.
Selection of lawn grass as per climate
Winter or Warm season hybrid lawn grass to look lush green soft area of mini golf & sitting area.

Read more about mini golf in our new website – http://minigolfunlimited.com/
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