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Landscaping & Planting

Landscaping & Plantation

Landscape Design: In India, Vedas have detailed study of landscape designs and Vastu Sahstras, These ancient books set principals for planning structures in relation to the natural landscape. Relationships with mountains; the home of the gods, rivers as goddesses, square form represented the earth, circular form represented heaven, Mandala represents earth and heaven. (in China) landscape design studies available in Feng Shui, which means in to English as Air and Water; which is used to describe a set of general principles for the designing in relation to the natural landscape. The main focus is to form a most auspicious environment possible.


Why we ?….

Development & Grow-in Maintenance of Landscape design with cost effective methods; we guarantee our clients for quality and cost management through our highly experienced professionals in landscape care, turf care, soil science, Plants physiology & morphology, plants protection, and irrigation system. Maintenance of landscape gardening with minimum budget or those wanting to reduce maintenance cost. Make your landscaping environment friendly. Reduce irrigation cost and wastage of water.

Landscape design for township, social club, schools, hotels & resorts, hospitals & health resorts, commercial complexes, smarts city, factories & manufacturing units, mining & metals unit.

Forest development, Water management, lake design & construction & irrigation system, Design & development of plants & turf grass nursery, Environmental stewardship, Wild life centuries, Herbal & medicinal garden, Public gardens & picnic spots

We offers as a specialized agency of landscaping & plantation, horticulture gardening, arboriculture & forest development, water management & irrigation system.

  1. Landscaping Design for Township, Commercial Complexes, Hotels & Resorts, Public Parks & Picnic spots, Factories & Mining area.
  2. Horticulture Gardening: Garden design, Planting plan, Floral layout, Herbal & Medicinal plants, Terrace garden, Vertical garden, Flowers etc.
  3. Lake Design & Construction
  4. Project Management & Construction of Landscape Design.
  5. Arbor design & forest development.
  6. Design & Development of Nursery for Plants & Turf Grass








Design analysis as per site soil & water test report and climatic conditions, preparation of BOQ & costing, tendering & negotiations and schedule of execution.

We start our work with soil & water test report to ensure all optimum fertility in soil with accurate physical and chemical properties; sand :clay :silt (%), percentage of organic matter, optimum water holding capacity, soil bulk density, electrical conductivity, porosity and soil structure, micro-nutrients etc.

Development: Grading & Planting

Supervision of landscaping & plantation development work by our trained & experienced landscape engineer / horticulturist / landscape architect at site. coordination between head office, site and project consultants, critical path management, quality control (lab test and training to site staff)

Grow-in Maintenance

Calculation of manpower requirement, machine & tools, manure, fertilizer, insecticide, fungicide & micro-nutrients etc. as per project area. Supervision by our trained landscape engineer / horticulturist full time as a client agent to fulfill all project responsibilities. Arrange training program time to time for site staff on green waste management, floriculture, care of palm plants, plants pruning & shaping, identify disease & insect and control in landscape plants, turf care techniques. Design & development of a floriculture & ornamental plants nursery to cater flower seedlings, ready potted plants for emergency decoration and recycling of potted plants for display.


Nursery Design & Management

Plants & Grass Nursery: Design & Development

Plants Nursery: Trees, Shrubs, Palms, Bamboos, Ground Cover plants, Flower lilies, Creepers, Indoor Ornamentals, Seasonal flowers, Green waste management.

Turf Grass Nursery


Worm season: [Bermuda Sp.-Tifdwarf, Tifeagle, Tifway 419 Evergreen] Seashore Paspalum, Sealsle supreme, Sealsle -1, Seasle -2000, St. Augustine.

Winter Season: Perennial Rye Grass, Fine Fescue, Kentucky Blue Grass.


Terrace Garden: Design & Development


  • We develop terrace garden with latest technology of drainage system, tested & certified bio-products of soil profile for lawn & plants.
  • Drain board /Drainomat to be used for drainage system; size as per depth available.
  • Selection of plants & grass species specially for terraces.
  • Drip irrigation system to less consumption of water.
  • Selection & calculation of quantities of agri products to reduce wait & enhance fertility of soil like; vermiculite, cocopeat (low EC), river sand (note fine sand), perlite, neem cake, bone meal, bio-NPK & other organic products as per soil test analysis.


How we do……

  1. Design, Layout, working plans & bill of quantities with costing.
  2. Site supervision & construction as per plan.


  • Hand over to client after completion of development with schedule of maintenance.
  • We provide services for garden care at door step to our client with full responsibilities like; gardeners, machine & tools, horticulturist visit, manure & fertilizers etc.
  • Horticulturist visit on demand /monthly bases – Chargeable

Vertical Garden / Bio-wall / Green Wall

Design and Development Services

  1. Indoor green wall concept


Vertical Garden in Restaurant

Green Wall in Interior Area

2. Vertical Garden – Outdoor Area

Irrigation System in Vertical Garden